Ready to start earning money as a professional truck driver? Maybe you’re wondering how much do truck drivers make? Learn how much you can earn now.

Being a truck driver is a lucrative profession that gives a person the time and freedom to experience the open road. If you feel like you’re the right fit for a career as a truck driver, you’re ready to start thinking about making moves to find a job. 

Truck drivers are paid handsomely for their time, and it’s important that you set yourself up for as much success as possible. Depending on your state and your qualifications, you could potentially find ways to make significantly more money by getting an extra certification or two. 

But before you do that, you should get a good feel for your potential earnings. So, how much do truck drivers make?

How Much Do Truck Drivers Make?

Before we get started, note that truck driving isn’t all picturesque stints backdropped by the natural beauty of the continental United States. It can be taxing, too.

Time spent away from family and friends can be difficult. Additionally, you’re required to keep focused with a level head while you’re on the road — it’s a big responsibility. 

Variation in Earnings

There’s a significant variation in how much you could earn depending on what your qualifications are. Overall, though, truck drivers should expect to earn somewhere between 28,000 and 65,000 dollars a year. 

The national average salary is somewhere around $40,000, and the hourly pay is roughly $20 an hour. Those are the numbers according to the Burea of Labor, but we’ll dig into the specifics that can boost those number significantly. 

Qualifications to Note

First, it’s recommended that you go to truck driving school. While there is no official requirement that drivers go to post-secondary school, your earnings will benefit greatly if you do. 

Typically, a high school diploma is the minimum qualification that employers require. Those who take jobs with only a high school diploma are typically the ones that fall with salaries below the median. 

Truck driving school usually falls somewhere between $3 and $7 thousand dollars to complete. CDL training is typically the bulk of your schooling, and the investment of time and money will yield roughly $20,000 dollars more in yearly income. 

While it may seem hard to put $7 grand into a seven-week program, there are financial aid options that can ease the load. Plus, over the length of your career, that investment will pay itself off several times over. 

OTR certifications are also extremely valuable. “OTR” is an acronym for “Over the Road,” meaning that the driving you do will be over long distances. This training will set you up for another significant pay raise. 

Some estimates put OTR drivers making an average of $80,000 dollars a year. So, the small time and money investment will yield huge results, sometimes doubling your income. 

Interested in Driving?

So, how much do truck drivers make? Potentially, a lot. 

If you’re interested in getting your certifications, there’s nothing stopping you. Contact us to learn more about how you can start your career as a truck driver.