Easy going people in the most affordable price that I could find I recommend it.
Dre D.

Best instructors, that’s for sure!
Nelli D.

Only school in Sacramento where you don’t spend four hours standing around on a dusty lot to get behind the wheel for twenty minutes. As soon as you come to the rig, your instructor is there like your personal servant. Keep it up, gang!
Valeriy L.

“I just graduated from an Electrical Lineman College. I got my Class A permit while in school but realized after applying to many companies I needed an actual license to be honestly looked at for an Apprentice Lineman position. With lots of research I finally called Western Trucking Company. Vladimir, the president answered and was incredibly informative. When I showed up I was assigned to Alex the Senior Instructor. He is the by far the best instructor for a Class A you can ask for. At this school you will be given the opportunity to drive with the instructor one on one. They also make it a priority to schedule around other students to give you the time needed to be proficient at all the skills needed to pass your test. I recommend this school to everyone wanting a Class A license.
Nehemiah S.

Want to be a truck driver? Stop by, learn, try and see your self. Best instructors you can possible find, I can say with no doubt! 🙂 no seriously guys, these group of people are very wised/intelligent and hard working. If you’ll pour yourself into learning, they will pour their heart to give you all the knowledge you need to know. -take a chance! ; )
Esther D.

Great group of people. Had a chance to pop in and find out about their driving school. Affordable and well ran.
Yelena R.

Got my CDL! A shout out to my instructor Alex for taking so much time to make sure I’m safe on the road. Great teaching methods with ample time allotted for “behind the wheel” instructions.
Mela D.

Definitely the most well run trucking school I’ve seen. The instructors streamline the process to get you on the road in no time. You wanna start earning good money sooner, don’t overthink it, this is the place.
Vladislav A.

I got my license through this school. Instructor is very knowledgeable, and is there to help you learn and understand everything you need to know, before operating a rig. Great school. Check it out for yourself.
Nikita V.