When it’s time to find the best trucking jobs in your area, the search can be tricky. Discover the best trucking companies to find the right job for you.

You love the road, you’re a safety freak, and you’ve always wanted to be your own boss. You know you’ll make a great truck driver once you find a job. And that’s the tricky part.

The best trucking jobs aren’t always easy to find. Truckers are in high demand, but the best jobs in the trucking industry are the jobs at the best trucking companies. These companies know their value, and as a result, the jobs they offer stay competitive.

If you want one of these jobs, it’s not a hopeless case. You just need to be prepared, and one of the ways to do that is to know where to look for the job you want.

We’re helping you on your search by compiling a few of the best trucking companies in transportation. Read on to find your potential new employer.

Companies with the Best Trucking Jobs

A couple of these companies you may have heard of. Others may be new to you.

We hope the existence of at least one of these companies takes you by surprise. A surprise top company can sometimes be the best kind since that means there may be a little less competition for their contracts.

Here are four companies who offer some of the best trucking jobs in the transportation business.

Schneider National

Schneider National is the fourth largest trucking company in the United States, so you can tell they mean business by their size alone. The company has more than 10,000 tractors and three times as many trailers.

There are more than 10,000 trucking jobs at the company currently available, and with the kind of business they do, we think these jobs have staying power.

What kind of business does Schneider do? Nearly all of its customers are Fortune 500 companies — and Schneider is a Fortune 500 company itself.

Schneider operates more than its own fleet, partnering with more than 6,000 carriers throughout the world, including China.

GP Transco

Let’s talk brass tacks, like salary and benefits. These are areas where GP Transco excels.

The average yearly salary at GP Transco is $75,000. Between that salary and the benefits GP Transco offers, the company has the lowest rate of driver turnover in the transportation industry.

That means jobs are going to be hard to get here, but if you get one, you can hold onto it.

JB Hunt Transportation Company

JB Hunt is a recognizable name and logo in the industry thanks to its position as a second largest trucking company in the U.S. This is more impressive considering the company was only founded in 1961, which still makes it one of the newer kids on the block.

If you’re interested in more than just pure over-the-road trucking, JB Hunter offers intermodal transportation. Its intermodal containers help push its total number of trailers north of 100,000.

Epes Transport

We’ll cut right to the chase here. Epes Transport is the highest-paying company in the trucking industry.

The average annual salary at Epes is $83,921. If you’re working hourly, you can expect to make an average of more than $40 per hour. There are plenty of reasons to work for a company, and high wages are among the best of them.

Here for the Long-Haul

We hope you’ve found this primer on the best trucking jobs at the best trucking companies useful and enlightening. Transportation is a thriving industry, so it’s hard to narrow down our choices just to these.

If you’re interested in becoming a driver, contact us today.

If you’re already a driver and ready to take the next step in your trucking career, learn how to maintain your stamina when you’re on the road with our guide to staying healthy.