Some individuals wonder if they could live as a truck driver. We share everything you need to know about living life as a truck driver.

Wondering if you should become a truck driver?

Truck driving can be a lucrative job that allows you to stay on the road, see new places and answer to yourself. 

Working as a truck driver is very different from many other occupations and you need to be sure it’s a lifestyle you’re interested in having. 

Read on to learn everything you need to know about living life as a truck driver and if it’s the right job for you. 


A truck driver salary can vary greatly depending on what company you’re working for, what kind of truck you’re in and how far you’re driving. 

Typically, salaries start at about $28,000 and can get up to $65,000. The average salary for a truck driver is about $41,000. 

Your first year as a truck driver will be the lowest pay you’ll receive since you’ll be inexperienced and getting compensated as such. After the first year, you have the opportunity for pay increases and the longer you drive, the more you will receive. 

If you receive your CDL (commercial drivers license), you stand to make more money since you have the license to operate larger trucks and work for corporations.

Drivers with a CDL can stand to make up to $80,000 per year.

If you become an owner-operator, you can expect a six-figure yearly salary. 

Life as a Trucker: Day-To-Day 

A day in the life of a truck driver is up to you since you do have the opportunity to create your own schedule as long as you get where you need to go on time. 

Many drivers prefer to drive all night since there are fewer cars on the road and sleep during the day. 

Other drivers prefer to get up early and drive with the sun, ending their day around 5 pm or so. 

You should plan to drive about 12 hours per day with breaks for meals and intermittent stops to stretch your legs, get gas, use the restroom, etc.

Most companies will give you a 14-hour window to get to your required destination. 

Life on the road can be tough if you have a partner or family back at home. You should expect to spend about 300 days per year away. Once you “earn your stripes” you may be able to get a regional job where you can spend more nights in your own bed. 

The Trucks 

Modern trucks are fully equipped to accommodate drivers for hours at a time and almost all of them will be fitted with an 8′ by 8′ sleeping cabin where you can catch some shut eye. 

These days, many seats are ergonomically designed so you can be comfortable while on the road. They also have refrigerators to store drinks and snacks and some even have satellite TV for use during rest periods. 

Most trucks are still manual so you’ll have to be prepared to drive that type of transmission. 

Become a Trucker Today

If the life of a trucker sounds like the right path for you, you can get started on this career right away. 

Check out the rest of our blog for more tips and contact us to earn the certification you need to take your life on the road and make money while you do it!