Are you looking to become a licensed truck driver soon? If so, read on to learn how to prepare for your CDL exam.

Trucking is a growing sector of the transportation industry. Truckers are in high demand, so much so that the average pay for a trucker is $53,000 yearly. This means it’s a great time to get into the trucking industry.

Before you can get a job, you need to pass your CDL exam. A trucking license academy can help you learn what you need to know. The next step is preparing for the exam itself.

How can you prepare? There are five important tips you can use to get you ready for the exam.

Preparing for the CDL Exam

The CDL exam is one of the important steps to getting your trucking license. The written CDL exam is a multiple choice test. To pass, you have to answer at least 80% of the questions correctly. 

Your trucking courses will help you know what to study, but how can you make sure you’re really prepared? 

1. Create a Timeline

Once you complete your trucking program, you can take the CDL test whenever you’re ready. It’s important to set a realistic timeline for your situation to complete this.

You want to take the test early enough that the information you learned is fresh in your mind. You also want to give yourself time to study any areas you’re weak in.

2. Know Your CDL Manual

Each state has their own CDL manual. This manual will cover everything you need to know to pass the CDL test. The sections include

  • Safety
  • Traffic laws
  • Transporting different types of cargo
  • Requirements for the CDL permit

This will also cover the different types of trucks and permits. Make sure you spend time going over the manual for your state so you’re prepared for the information you’ll find on the test.

3. Take a CDL Practice Test

A CDL practice test will give you an idea of the questions that will show up on the test. The test will also give you an idea of the wording of the questions.

You can find free practice tests on the DMV website or in the back of your CDL manual. Make sure you also use these tests to determine how much time it will take you to complete the exam.

4. Watch Out for Obvious Mistakes

The easiest way to fail a CDL exam is with obvious mistakes. This is most important when it comes to your state’s traffic laws.

Trucks move more than 10 billion tons of freight. Understanding safety practices and traffic laws is essential to receiving your permit.

5. Don’t Stress

While preparation is important, anxiety is crippling. If you know the information, be confident in your knowledge.

Take time to breathe. Do what you need to do to stay calm during the test. The calmer you are, the better you’ll do.

Becoming a Truck Driver

The CDL exam is an important step to getting your CDL license. If you want to get started with a career in trucking, preparation is key.

If you need help getting started, trucking school is your best first step. If you’d like more information about trucking school or preparing for the exam, contact us today.